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Crassula is thrilled to announce the appointment of Dr. Bhavana Gupta as its new Chief Technical Officer (CTO). Dr. Gupta will be at the forefront of managing the technical operations of the company, including overseeing the research and development department. Her role will also encompass serving as a vital technical advisor, directly reporting to Mr. Roopesh Gupta, the CEO and Founder of Crassula Pharmaceuticals.

Dr. Gupta brings to Crassula a rich background in medicine and biotechnology, holding a Ph.D. in Biotechnology. With over 17 years of research experience in Contract Research Organizations (CRO) and preclinical drug discovery within the pharmaceutical industry, Dr. Gupta’s expertise is a valuable addition to Crassula. She is renowned for her exceptional leadership in project management, customer communications, target identification and validation, and high-throughput screening (HTS).

An accomplished scientist, Dr. Gupta possesses profound knowledge in cell biology, assay development, and screening, particularly focusing on small molecules, biologics, and the discovery of natural product drugs. Her ability to skillfully balance organizational objectives with productivity and relationships has consistently enhanced competitive business edges in her previous roles.

Before joining Crassula, Dr. Gupta contributed significantly to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology fields through her roles as Assistant General Manager and Head of Cell Biology at Natco Pharmaceuticals, Senior Principal Scientist at Sapien Biosciences, and Team Lead at TCG Life Sciences. Her extensive experience spans various therapeutic areas, including pain, inflammation, immuno-oncology, and metabolic disorders, making her a pivotal figure in drug discovery.

Dr. Gupta’s appointment marks a significant milestone in Crassula’s journey towards innovation and excellence in pharmaceuticals. Her leadership and expertise are expected to drive forward the company’s mission of developing groundbreaking solutions for healthcare challenges.

About Crassula

Crassula LLC is a company dedicated to the production of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical solutions. Our presence extends internationally, manufacturing prescription drugs (Rx), nutritional supplements, and over-the-counter (OTC) pharmaceutical products. We strive to improve the health and well-being of communities through reliable, innovative, affordable, and high-quality solutions.

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